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“They do it because they have to…They are compelled to do so… It is someone embracing the absurd, the absurdly stupid almost, and are they doing it with gusto because they have to? That to me is maybe the most important thing when I’m looking for a new place… Are they doing something that just doesn’t make any fucking sense- because if they do that, then they care and its probably going to be great.”


-David Chang

The food I create is born from the influences of my life in East Los, and the cultural importance of my community and its offerings through food. This food would not taste the same in a restaurant setting, it would lack the purpose of its creation. The food I make needs to be enjoyed in the settings you create around the ebb and flow of your day, in your surroundings, of your pause and go. The purpose of sharing the food I create is to give you a moment of connection and reflection.

I make the food I make because I need to. I make food out of love and devotion and offer my creations to you, to share in my act of love. I am not creating food to please my guests, I am creating food for my guests to join in my experiences. Sharing my food is my way of connecting with you.

If you know, you know.

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